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Baby Care Tips

Saturday, June 15th, 2013

Crying Can Mean Many Things

Specialists once thought that when a baby cries, it means they are experiencing stomach ache. Now, studies have shown that it may also be the cause of acid reflux. Experiencing this is painful for adults, let alone for babies. When your baby does constant screaming, back arching, and spitting up, these may be a sign of acid reflux. It’s of utmost importance to go to a pediatrician to know what really causes your baby to cry.

It’s Okay to Hold Your Baby

There has always been this rule that you can’t hold your baby too much because he or she might get over dependent. Ignore this because you can’t spoil a baby just by holding him or her. In fact, babies who are held often are more satisfied because their needs are met right away. They are more likely to have a higher self-esteem while growing up. It’s the natural thing to do, so don’t hesitate doing it.

Don’t Depend On Baby Wipes

Baby wipes are costly and may cause irritations for sensitive bums. Instead of risking your baby’s smooth skin, just use a damp cloth. Studies say that breastfed babies don’t need baby wipes because their feces and urine are low in acid and bacteria. You can easily clean them off with a damp cloth.

Faster Sterilization

You might think that sterilizing the baby bottles is time-consuming and stressful, but it isn’t anymore. Doing it the old-fashion way with an expensive home sterilizer is not the only way to do it anymore. Just toss everything inside your dishwasher, put some soap, and run it on a short and hot cycle.

Babies like Music

Although you might think that babies can’t appreciate symphonies and melodies, they can. The sound of soothing instruments and a warm voice can calm your baby down. You can turn on the CD player while on the road and it can even put a baby to sleep.

No Rush for Shoes

You don’t really need to put shoes on your toddler’s feet until he or she can walk. Socks are the only feet accessory babies need just to prevent their feet from getting dirty. It’s more practical to save the money until your baby really needs them.

How to Find Family Time

Monday, April 5th, 2010

There are many ways that you can find time for family time, as long as you balance everything. As long as you have the determination to spend time with your family, as well as the right planning, you will find extra time.

The first step in spending quality time with your family is to start the tradition of family night. This is simply one night in a week where you spend time with your family and only your family. You can do a lot of things on family night like watching a movie together, going to a restaurant or taking out food, playing board games, or just going out and taking a family walk. This way, you will learn a lot about your family that you probably didn’t know yet.

In order to make more time for the family, things like work have to be finished first. Chores can be divided amongst family members so that everything can be done faster and you will have enough time to spend with each other. This way, you can also have time to do other activities individually too like club activities or schoolwork.

If your child starts to get over scheduled, then you will notice it in their behavior and activities. If your child starts getting lower grades or falling asleep in class, then it could be because they have too many activities outside of school due to clubs or even family activities. So if this starts happening, try to cut down on activities so that they can balance their lives.

Family time and spending time together can help children’s mental and physical health. You can let out frustrations and stress and just have fun with family. This will also help the family grow closer. It also lowers your child’s inclination towards doing things like substance abuse, depression, etc. There are also studies showing that family meals can help people stay at healthy weights.

If you think that you are too busy to spend time with family, there are ways you can free your time. For example, try and leave work on time and not do overtime so that you can use that time to spend with your family. Try to use your work time efficiently when you’re not with your family so you can prioritize on them when you do have free time.

Weekends are a great time to spend time together, since usually there is no school or work. Make plans on the weekends and stick to your schedule as much as possible. Go out and have fun with your family on weekends. If other things do come up, make sure your priorities are straight. Sometimes you will just have to say no and politely decline offers.