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Tip for Change Careers

Wednesday, January 6th, 2010

In these times of recession everyone is looking to change career. Whether you are in IT or otherwise with many companies closing down change in career are what many of us are looking for. Had you been a salesman in a retail outlet that closed down due to global meltdown? Then look for a change career online.

First and foremost tell yourself that it is time to change and that you’ve reached a stage where you need to change career to move ahead in life. While you are thinking of change in career, think what is it you are good at. That should show you the way as to which profession you should take to. Nowadays there are many options besides going for a 9-5 job.

Identify your strengths- before changing your career, identify your strengths. If you are good at singing or playing an instrument, start teaching music. With so many television channels airing reality shows, everyone wants their child to be on ‘American Idol’. So music teacher can be a good option. Yoga (this is a rage now) teacher, fitness expert (again, this is another area that interests everyone), nutritionist, starting a beauty parlor, spa treatment are all specialized services that need expertise as well as passion to excel in it. Today’s youth wish to have a six pack ab and gyms are fast mushrooming all around the world. Fashion designing, pottery and sculpture, gardening and selling nursery equipment are all profitable options. Day care, baby sitting, becoming a janitor, starting a moving service are also offline jobs that have wide audience.

With the advent of technology, online businesses especially home based business is fast catching up among internet users. Internet marketing, affiliate marketing, selling on eBay, web design services are some of the latest lucrative jobs available online. If you are good at writing you can offer your services as a freelancer online at many websites that are marketing this service. Software programming, web designing, multi media are all expertise that are avenues to explore. The main advantage with online work is you can cater to world wide audience.

Teaching math or Spanish online, starting your own website to offer your professional services is also finding wider acceptability now. Be it a lawyer or an auditor or a public accountant offer your services to a world wide audience through the internet. Get a website made that can show case your talent. Get it search engine optimized so that you appear top in the searches of Google, Bing and Yahoo. Start earning not only by offering your professional services but also through Google AdWords and AdSense programs. Remember all you need is zest and zeal to become satisfied and successful in your career. Also remember that Wal-Mart was started by a man who became successful after the age of 45. So it’s never too late to change your career.