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Archive for January, 2010

Where for Family Fun

Wednesday, January 13th, 2010

The weekend is approaching, and you wonder what to do for some family fun. It is hard to find an activity that the whole family will enjoy, and that will appeal to all age groups. Most outings please just the younger kids or just the older kids, and seldom please Mom and Dad! Why not try a bowling alley game room for a fun day or evening that the entire family will love?

Bowling is a great family pastime. Young children are able to participate by using bumpers in the alleys, and they are thrilled with their success at knocking down the pins every time! Elementary age kids can sharpen their bowling skills, and can be quite good – even without the bumpers. As far as teens, when is the last time you could hang out with them doing something you both enjoy?

In addition to the bowling, there are game rooms; and this further adds to the amusement a family can have at a bowling alley game room. Interactive games, air hockey, and lots of prizes are part of the gaming fun. It is a great escape from the winter cold to have an active indoor activity, or to escape the summer heat.

Also available is lunch, dinner, or a snack at the bowling alley to complete an afternoon or evening of family enjoyment, and Mom and Dad can even have an adult beverage. Birthday parties are available for kids or even adults at a bowling alley game room, and it is a fun option for a company party or event.

Cheap Family Vacations Planning Tips

Wednesday, January 13th, 2010

Planning cheap family vacations is often something that we need to do because travel and entertainment is just so expensive. Caring for a family is very expensive, and when you want to take your family on vacation costs can get out of control. But, family vacations don’t need to break the bank. With some careful planning and some flexibility you can save hundreds or even thousands of dollars on your family vacations.

Cheap family vacations can be just as great as something that you pay a lot of money for if you plan ahead of time. Most of the time, planning ahead can save you hundreds of dollars. Most people are aware that when you purchase your airline tickets several weeks or months in advance it’s typically much cheaper then when you buy in the days leading up to your departure. So, when you are planning your family vacations, purchase your airline tickets as far in advance as possible.

Another great way to save money on airline tickets and car rentals is to book them online. Several of the online travel web sites offer substantial savings to customers who book all of these things at one time. Even if the savings is only ten percent, ten percent adds up when you consider the amount of money you’ll be spending when you buy plane tickets for your entire family, rent a car, and pay lodging expenses. That ten percent can go to fun things, or go into the planning of future family vacations.

Vacation rentals are a great way to save money on family vacations. Vacation rentals are bigger than hotel rooms, giving your family more space. Since most come with full kitchens you can cook some meals and save on restaurant expenses. Another way to save is to book a vacation rental direct from the owner, instead of through a management company, who essentially is a middleman.

Another great way to take cheap family vacations is to stay in an area right outside the popular area you wish to visit. Hotel rates and rental fees are usually outrageous in very popular areas, but if you travel even a mile away the rates are often much lower. Rates skyrocket during the seasonal months; you’d be surprised by how much. When you are first considering family vacations, call ahead to your destinations and inquire what their off season prices are, you’ll likely suffer sticker shock when you hear how much the prices are inflated when the tourists come around.

Family vacations can easily be great experiences for every member of the family, especially when money isn’t a constant worry on the trip. Planning ahead and taking the steps to save money where you can, will help alleviate the financial pressures so that the whole family will have a good time, including mom and dad. Cheap family vacations are not synonymous with poor quality because nothing has to be given up, no compromises made. If you plan it right, you can stay in nice places, enjoy the things you want to enjoy, you can just do it for less!