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Archive for November 5th, 2009

The Benefits Of Distance Learning

Thursday, November 5th, 2009

Distance learning is gaining popularity among adults who are keen to upgrade themselves for better career opportunities. Distance learning provides an alternative for people to further their education without having to undergo the traditional classroom learning. Nowadays, more adults are becoming interested to pursue higher education in order to compete more effectively in the job market. In response to this growing interest in higher education, education providers are creating new courses using new technologies to meet the demand. Many distance learning online courses are developed to meet this increasing need.

Distance learning has several benefits in which the classroom learning lack. One of the benefits is that a learner can learn at his or her own pace. In classroom learning, the faster learners need to wait for the slower learners to catch up with the lesson before the teacher can move on to the next topic. They have to slow down their pace for the sake of the slower learners. With distance learning, the faster learner can go on to the next topic any time he or she wants. Furthermore, in classroom learning, a learner has only one chance of listening to a class lesson. However, with distance learning, the learner can replay a portion of the audio tape or video, or read again the notes for a particular module.

In classroom learning, each module of the course is given the relative amount of emphasis and time that the teacher deems necessary. Students have the flexibility to spend the amount of time they choose for each module. They can spend less time on the modules that they are familiar with and spend more time and attention on modules which are new to them. This mode of study allows the students to use their time according to their needs.

One of the advantages of distance learning is that the student can have access to learning at any time and any place. There are no restrictions imposed on their study time and location. Students can easily fit learning into their family and work life. They do not need to adjust their family and work commitments in order to attend fixed class schedules. Besides, it enables students to save on travel time and travel costs. They can spend more time and money on other areas.

Distance online learning creates interactions that stimulate understanding and exchange of ideas. Online programs require the student to actively participate in the learning process. Throughout the course, the student is presented with opportunities to interact with the course instructor as well as other students via website forums, chat rooms, Internet conferencing and emails. Online course developers try to get the student to participate and engage as much as possible.

Some research studies have shown that distance learning education can be as effective as campus-based education. These research studies reported that distance students can perform as well as or better than campus-based students. Many students who have succeeded in distance learning education have reported that they have a positive experience with distance learning courses.

If you are interested in taking up a course to upgrade yourself, you can consider a distance learning course. Many schools provide courses in various disciplines. There is a great variety of courses available to select from.